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We all know that personal contact between students and teachers in the classroom is important for a successful learning experience. However, this is not always possible for everyone. Today, in the middle of Coronavirus pandemic, it is even more complicated and many students are unable to attend classes at their schools, colleges, and universities.

Avicenna International College (AIC) a few years ago started developing the idea of providing online education on its own and also as a support for its classes. This is an ongoing process and we are inviting experts of education, IT, media, and television to join AIC to develop the platform and content necessary for both “stand-alone online” and “blended” learning.

We are constantly working on the content, options, interactivity, and the user-friendly design of our platform and online education website. 

Visit this site frequently, we add new topics, lessons, and subjects almost every day.

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Avicenna Mentor-Ambassador Program “AMA”

The “Avicenna Mentor-Ambassador” policy is an initiative to engage the past and present students and teachers of AIC as well as the students and teachers of other schools, colleges, and universities to engage in the recruitment, consultation, education, and mentor activities of AIC in their free time. These activities are not considered full-time positions and will not adversely affect the studies or other major responsibilities of the students and teachers.

Our Programs

International High School Programs

Avicenna International College provides international high school programs for Hungarian and international students. English is the main language of instruction. However, Hungarian and German are the other two target languages taught at Avicenna. French and Spanish will soon be offered by the Department of Languages and Communication. AIC high school programs are also famous for their strong background in sciences including biology, chemistry, mathematics, and physics. The bilingual high school program of AIC is accredited by the Hungarian Ministry of Education and follows the 1+4 model. The first year is the preparatory year and the following 4 years (G9 – G12) lead to a Hungarian Secondary Diploma or “Érettségi”.

University Foundation Programs

University Foundation Programs are designed for those students who have completed their high school or secondary education and are planning for their tertiary or university studies in Europe or North America. AIC Foundation Programs are discipline-based and will help the graduates to successfully continue their studies in medical, technical, business and art-related fields.

Avicenna Medical Foundation Program (AMFP)

Avicenna Medical Foundation Program (AMFP) is a well-structured and comprehensive program designed for those international students who have completed their high school studies outside the UK and wish to continue their further studies in a medically related field in British or other European universities (Medicine,Dentistry, Pharmacy, Veterinary, Nursing, Physiotherapy, Biomedical Sciences).

IMAT – BMAT Prep Program

International Medical Admission Test

IMAT (International Medical Admission Test) is offered by Cambridge Assessment Admissions Testing for admission to medical universities in Italy. BMAT (The BioMedical Admissions Test) is also offered by Cambridge Assessment Admissions Testing. By successful completion of BMAT students can apply to highly prestigious UK universities as well as many other medical and veterinary schools in Europe and outside Europe. Avicenna is an accredited center for both IMAT and BMAT.

Business Foundation Program (BFP)

BFP will provide a strong basis in general and academic English

Avicenna Business Foundation Program (BFP) is designed for those international students who have finished high school and would like to continue their studies in Europe in the English language-based university. BFP will provide a strong basis in general and academic English for the students and also offer some understanding of basic business-related subjects. Our graduates can apply to any European or North American university.

English Foundation Program (EFP – IELTS)

Successful studies at any European or North American university

At Avicenna International College prepares the students for successful studies at any European or North American university with respect to general and academic English skills. All credits of EFP are designed based on CEFR (Common European Framework of References for Languages) and prepare our students in 4 skills (reading, writing, listening and speaking) for international examinations such as IELTS.

German Foundation Program (GFP)

GFP focuses on the development of German language skills

German Foundation Program (GFP) at Avicenna is designed for those students who have completed their high school and plan to continue their studies at a university in Germany, Austria or Swiss where the language of instruction will be German. GFP focuses on the development of German language skills of the students. All eligible students can apply for this course but prior knowledge of German is not a requirement.


  • NCUK

    Avicenna International College is an official educational center for NCUK in Hungary.


    AIC is the official center for Pearson examinations in conjunction with EDEXCEL in Budapest.


    AIC is an authorized and accredited center of EDEXCEL in Hungary. International exams such as IGCSE and A-Level, IMAT and BMAT are organized every year at specified dates at AIC center in Budapest.


    Avicenna International College is accredited by the Hungarian Education Authority or OH (Oktatási Hivatal) under the Ministry of Human Capacities.


    Avicenna International College (AIC) is an accredited center of Cambridge Assessment in Hungary. The center provides all the internationally recognized examinations of Cambridge University.

  • FEDE

    Avicenna International College is a full member of FEDE (the Federation of EDucation in Europe).


    International Baccalaureate or IB is an international brand in education. AIC is an IB Candidate School to provide IB Diploma Program (IBDP) from 2020.


    Avicenna International College is an official center for CollegeBoard in Hungary.

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